The Saudi curriculum

30 May، 2023

online learning

Our educational system operates according to specific controls set by experts in the field of distance education – on line learning This system is implemented by […]
29 May، 2023

My language-Arabic – primary

Holding the conclusion is my language that enriches the minds and nourishes the hearts, so we strive to instill those values in the souls of our […]
29 May، 2023

Social studies-elementary

In order to create a conscious and educated generation, they must know the country, borders, history and grandparents, so we explain the social studies material to […]
29 May، 2023

English Language-Primary

It is the indispensable language of the era, so it was taken care of by establishing it in the early stages of the child.
29 May، 2023


And our goal in this material is to make the child love it from the very beginning of his studies so that he can understand it […]
29 May، 2023

The Qur’an-elementary

We teach them the Holy Quran properly so that they can treat it as they should
29 May، 2023

Establishment – primary

We work to ensure the necessary establishment of the child before integration into school subjects
29 May، 2023

Neighborhoods – secondary

29 May، 2023

Computer – secondary

Can you create an innovative and creative generation without the tools of innovation and creativity Of course not. Because the tool of today is the computer, […]